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CEO J. Sweeney talks about Cranmore seminars

  "Working with Cranmore Foundation at a three-day seminar provided inspiration and insight on the importance of a values-based approach to banking and finance. Dr Geary and Prof. Mulder helped us reflect on our existing values-based approach to financing and...

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The Acorn School conference on education

Cranmore Foundation recently participated in a conference on education held at The Acorn School, at Nailsworth in Gloucester UK. The focus of the conference was the values of the Acorn School and the potential for the school’s pedagogy and ethos to be shared with...

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BioFoodsAB – Sweden’s leading organic food distributor

Based in Stockholm, BioFoods is Sweden’s largest distributor of organic and natural food products. CEO Marie Laven invited Cranmore Foundation to the BioFoods head office to meet with management and employees to talk about the importance of values in business. Prof...

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Pukka Herbs Ltd.

Cranmore Foundation has collaborated with Pukka Herbs since the summer of 2011. Working closely with top management and owner founders, Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell, Cranmore emphasised the importance of a values-based approach to creating a sustainable...

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Pukka1010 – ‘Values for value creation’

Working with Cranmore Foundation, Pukka sought to deepen their commitment to values by theming their tenth anniversary as a celebration of their values. Calling it Pukka1010, the company talked about the importance of values in creating their success so far. At...

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Pukka1010 Party – A day of celebration

On a warm sunny day, high on a hill overlooking Chew Magna lake, sheltered by a billowing network of tepees and sustained by delicious vegetarian food, Pukka Herbs Ltd. held their tenth anniversary celebration. Leading the presentations by management, department...

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Creating design principles from wisdom traditions

Our latest presentation called "the Five Part Process" describes a method for creating practical design principles from wisdom traditions for use in society, education and modern business. The presentation and the associated article by the same name describes how...

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‘Why wisdom traditions?’ – a new presentation

We’ve just posted a new presentation titled “Why Wisdom Traditions”. The presentation suggests that today’s serious problems require a deeper quality solution. Our idea is that the creation of outstanding solutions requires the distinctly different quality of...

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On Education…II

When there is no tradition or culture of reflection in society, people act blindly and follow leaders who are also blind. Such an aimless, misdirected society of the ‘blind leading the blind’ endanger themselves and the world by acting disharmoniously with the natural...

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On Education

“I need an education that teaches me how to live—not just pass exams.” Luke (14 yr old English student)

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