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‘Organisational wisdom’ — the structured identification and application of universal values
for organisational processes and leadership — is a recent development. Cranmore Foundation
offers courses and workshops that support individuals and organisations
to begin working in this area.

Why Wisdom?

Choose either a half day or full day introduction to the subject that includes: a broad overview; examples; hands-on experience; and material to support you in further exploring the subject.

Get acquainted with universal design principles and values by focusing on a single value and its potential application.

Applying Wisdom

What is the potential for application of universal values in an organisation? This course explores the universal values of various cultural codes and how they have potential application in modern organisations; various methods of application; engages participants in reflecting on implementation strategies that would meet their requirements.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:This course is especially for those who want to acquaint themselves with this new field of knowledge and its general application.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:This course is for those who want an in-depth understanding of the possibilities for this new field for themselves or their organisations.

Exploring Wisdom

This is a full-day course that presents the Four Values of Sustainability which are universal design principles that support the creation of sustainable systems. The course defines the origin, meaning and application of the four values and participants consider their practical application.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: — This course is geared for those who want to get an initial understanding of business wisdom concepts and their possible use in their own organisation.

Solutions Design Project

This is a pilot-project for researching how wisdom values can be effectively applied in your organisation. Creating deep solutions by applying universal values requires a longer process. Cranmore Foundation will cooperate with you to create solutions that address the specific needs of your organisation by first understanding the particular challenges in your organisation; proceeding on to identify specific universal values appropriate to those problems; and finally creating a strategy for implementation.

If you are responsible for creating new solutions in organisations and are interested to explore such a project, please contact us using the form below.

The Foundation presents these courses with the view that the learning process is mutual for both the participants and for Cranmore Foundation itself. The courses are therefore developmental, adapting and changing as all participants explore, reflect and learn more about wisdom principles.

Begin the dialogue

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