Innovative Business Thinking

A Cranmore Presentation on new directions in business thinking.

Next Generation Corporation

A catalyst for Cranmore Foundation’s work was the challenge that one CEO posed for himself and his company.

On Education

Enabling new generations to respond effectively to global change requires the creation of new approaches …

Michael Geary PhD is a founder of the Cranmore Foundation, a charitable trust that researches the world’s wisdom tradition literature to identify principles and values that support sustainable systems and the creation of a new quality of leadership. Through the Foundation and his own consultancy, Dr Geary advises businesses and individuals on the creation of effective, principle-based strategies. He is based in England.

Bert Mulder is one of the founders of the Cranmore Foundation. Actively engaged in the development of the information society he knows that it is more about ‘meaning’ and ‘making sense’ than about ‘information’. He sees the great practical value that wisdom traditions may have for society and business and engages actively in their development. He is associate professor in Information, Technology and Society of The Hague University in The Netherlands, former information advisor to the Dutch Parliament and a member of the European Cultural Parliament.

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