Our Research Method

To further its work, Cranmore Foundation
engages in three areas of research.

Unlocking the power of universal values requires a specific quality and process of reflection that Cranmore Foundation calls ‘deep reading’. The deep reading method is researched by the Foundation for its potential use in the study of wisdom traditions and their potential application to business, healthcare, education and government.

Universal values need to be identified, selected and interpreted to be applicable for modern organisations. Effective interpretation requires a ‘cultural-translation’ of these values so that they can be ‘operationalised’ in practical ways that demonstrate their usefulness. The process of understanding these values and how they work as ‘universal design principles’ requires the involvement and contribution of leaders from wisdom traditions, business, organisational management and education. Cranmore Foundation’s ambition is to act as a catalyst and provide support for leaders to engage in the research process of developing universal values.

The real promise of universal values lies in their useful application in different individual and organisational domains, especially for the creation of sustainable systems. After wisdom values have been interpreted into universal design principles, their use in areas such as finance, HRM, services design and facilities management and a host of other domains have to be considered, planned and applied in pilot-schemes. The Foundation plans to facilitate this process in partnership with leaders in wisdom, business, education and other disciplines through its dedicated online collaboration system and Cranmore Academy Wiki.

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