Cranmore Foundation recently participated in a conference on education held at The Acorn School, at Nailsworth in Gloucester UK. The focus of the conference was the values of the Acorn School and the potential for the school’s pedagogy and ethos to be shared with other schools who have expressed an interest in the work of founders Mr Graeme Whiting and Mrs Sarah Whiting. The Acorn School is based largely on the Steiner education model which is aimed at the wholesome development of the student. As the schools vision statement states: “The child is at the very centre, and nurturing the special qualities of each child is paramount to our endeavours at Acorn”. Despite the fact that the school does not follow the traditional English system of students sitting exams, it has a very strong track record of its graduates being accepted into top universities and going on to achieve high-grade degrees. Dr Geary, representing Cranmore Foundation, discussed the urgent need for alternative approaches to education and expressed his support for the Acorn School model.

The English government’s educational department, known as Ofsted, gave The Acorn School its highest recommendation in its 2012 report:  “The curriculum, teaching and achievement of students are outstanding. Students’ behaviour is exemplary and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. …Students leave the school as well educated, intelligently-opinionated, free-thinking adults.” You can download the Ofted Acorn School 2012 report here.